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Performance Based Advertising (keyword and pay-per-click)

on Lycos Search, Hotbot, and other Lycos properties

Ted McNulty

(781) 370-2700

Coregistration and Direct Marketing List Rental (Lycos Direct)

Kimball Kopanon

(781) 370-2700

Banner Advertising, Rich Media, Display Advertising on Lycos Network

Ari Bluman - 24/7 RealMedia

(212) 231-7115

Lycos Get Relevant

Lycos Co-Reg delivers qualified opt-in lead generation services

With our Co-Reg product you pay only when a customer takes action on your offer. It's the first smart step to a direct relationship with your customers...


Lycos Insite

AdBuyer - Paid Placement

Reach the consumers you want with Lycos InSite AdBuyer™—an auction based pay per click product. Create and manage keyword-targeted ads to promote your web site...