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Music samples, lyrics, tabs, sounds


January’03. Celtic Tunes released!
The second album of DNO “Celtic Tunes” was completed around Christmas. The 60-minute CD was edited by Des and Mark in the Ebony Studio in London. It includes five new songs written by DNO and 10 Celtic tunes taken from the Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Manx traditional folklore, and performed on various occasions throughout the first year of the troupe’s existence.


January 2003

01. Arrival
02. Solar Eclipse
03. Moon Path
04. The Morrigan
05. Kesh Jig & Leitrim Fancy
06. Boyne Hunt & Silver Spear
07. The Banshee
08. Brugh na Bуinne

09. Evebringer
10. Carolan's Draught
11. Fear a Bhata
12. Sally Gardens
13. Red Is The Rose
14. Lъthien Tinъviel & Snowy Path

15. Shetland Tunes (bonus)

June’02. Lъthien Tinъviel on the way!
DNO have now completed work over their first CD of brand new songs, 'Lъthien Tinъviel'. Most of the songs included are with a J.R.R.Tolkien thematic and refer especially to his earlier works and the most beautiful legend in the Silmarillion. A second album is expected to be completed by the end of 2002


June 2002

1. Lъthien Tinъviel 1 MP3
2. Silver Leaves
3. Magic of the Trees *
4. Cuiviйnen
5. Valacirca
6. If Ever You Were Mine
7. Midnight Walker
8. Legend of Beren
9. Leithian
10. Rising of the Moon
11. Morning Star
12. Dusk Singer
13. Way of the Warrior
14. Mithlуnd (Grey Havens) 2
15. Morwen's Dance 3

* winning Harp-song on the Royal Eisteddfod, London 2002
1 based on Turlough O'Carolan's Si Beag Si Mor
2 performed at Ffostrasol Festival of Wales 2002
3 performed at E'fod Genedleathol Urdd, Llangollen 2002